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1 Name: Anonymous : 19/10/31(Thu)19:21 ID:MKdk2kES [Del]

Hello! and welcome to our new forum ^-^. In addition to our IRC room (on Freenode: #ncsulug) and our mailing list this BBS serves as a point of contact for NCSU LUG members to discuss past and upcoming meetings as well as Linux-y things, technology, and all sorts of everything else.

The hope is that we can use this site to stay in touch and discuss our meetups and events! There will also be a "voting" section added to the site soon where you can vote on the venues (like Mitch's, Slice of NY Pizza, etc. etc.) for the dinner meetings: if you'd like to contribute to the development or have any suggestions then let me know!

And always remember to check our main site for updates!

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