NCSU Distro (3)

1 Name: john : 20/08/24(Mon)14:47 ID:3glQTszT [Del]

Not sure what kind of skill level we all have, but it just dawned on me - why don't we all try and make a bare-bones *NIX distro for fun? Could build off of LFS.

2 Name: William : 20/08/25(Tue)20:13 ID:Ym5OKAd+ [Del]

I think this would be a lot of fun. Not sure how much I can contribute to this but I'd be down to try. If more people want to do it, we could plan it out some during our next hang out meeting.

3 Name: Davis : 20/08/30(Sun)16:12 ID:2lJAfDU4 [Del]

I'd also be down, but I'm also not sure how much exactly I could help. We can definitely talk about it this Tuesday.

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